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Spotify is the huge audio streaming service that was founded in Sweden during the year 2006.  As of 2020, Spotify is available in a total of 79 countries with over  50 million tracks available to listen to on the app, A-MAZ-ING.

Spotify have brought many cool features to the table including, behind the lyrics, Daily mixes, spotify connect as well as the annually popular ‘Spotify Wrapped’ where Spotify wraps up the year and shows you all of your most listened to songs, most listened to genres and how may minutes of music you’ve tuned into!

There’s music for every moment, every person, every emotion.

Spotify has now introduced ‘Playlist in a bottle’. The new feature fronted by the iconic and talented Christina Aguilera lets you answer 3 questions, chosen randomly or you can select your own!

Is there a song you want to hear live in 2023?

A song that reminds you of your favourite person?



Type in your answers, lock them in and seal your playlist in the time capsule. Spotify will then let you know January 2024 when you can open it! That’s right! you can’t listen to your playlist for 12 months!

Lock in your capsules! Ngage Radio take me to my Playlist in a Bottle


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