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Our spotlight Sunday this week is our very own ray of sunshine, DJ Gerai Lopez! We caught up with Gerai this week and put him under the spotlight so you can find out more about him.

Gerai lives with his family in the UK after recently moving here from Adeje Pueblo, Tenerife where he has lived and worked as a DJ for most of his life.

We asked Gerai when did he first know he wanted to be a DJ, what was that one moment that made him instantly know this was going to be his passion.

” At around 9 years old I knew the moment I started listening to music itself, before i even knew what DJ’ing was. I was playing with an old radio cassette that you could put two tapes in and i would press play on both of them at the same time. At 12 years old I met a DJ at my mums place of work and my DJ’ing journey started there.”

From mixing two cassette tapes together at 9 years old we wanted to know how it then felt to be playing his own DJ sets in one of the most popular holiday/party resorts in the Mediterranean. ” The best thing for me about being a DJ is ‘MUSIC’ making people happy with your set, knowing the love and passion I have for music is shared by the people I play for.  Meeting music lovers like myself and flying around Spain to perform my sets was pretty cool too!”


Flying around Spain and performing to thousands of people, we wanted to know if Gerai has performed or met any famous artists/DJs and his didn’t disappoint. ” Yes I did, I’ve met Bady D, MC Skibadee, Eric Morrillo, Roger Sanchez, Wally Lopez, DJ Lady Styles.” Gerai also told us that he’d met the American singer/songwriter, record producer, DJ and promoter Ultra Nate.


Being a DJ you play all types of genre of music when performing sets but we wanted to know, what is Gerai’s favourite genre of music. ” I LOVE all music however, i’m more known for UKG and Techno. Nu Disco and Funk are (in Gerai’s words) making me lose control at the moment (we think that’s a good thing haha)

Moving from Tenerife to the UK is a huge change to anyone but we asked Gerai what was the biggest change for him? Gerai explained that he is loving and embracing all the UK has to offer. ” Food for me is the biggest change but I’m really loving it as I really enjoy the British food.”  One question we really wanted to ask was how DJ Lopez is finding the good old British weather, Gerai laughed and said ” The weather is a huge change but all of these changes we absolutely love them.” We saw this for ourselves when Gerai and his family enjoyed making snow angels together this winter season.

We know how much Gerai loves his vinyl but just how big is his collection?

” More than 3000, no fabs, love all my vinyls and I haven’t sold one since i started all this craziness… Viva la music. Music is my passion and thanks to music I have done so many cool things, been to so many cool places and had so many great experiences all thanks to music. Music is the answer.”

So what does a busy Canarian DJ do when he’s not spinning his records? Gerai told us that as well as gaming he loves his football. Back in Tenerife he and his wife were season ticket holders for their home team. Now that Gerai is living in the UK we wanted to know the same question that every football fan wants to know, who does he support now?

” Back in Tenerife my family are all Manchester United supporters and one day i was in a bar when a Liverpool match was on. I love the team spirit, regardless of the result so from that moment I knew THAT was the team i was going to support.” Another hobby of Gerai’s that we absolutely can resonate with, as most of you can, he loves a bit of gossip! He really is becoming a true Brit!

Here at Ngage Radio we feel so lucky to have DJ Lopez with us. He brings so much to our team, fun, laughter, great music knowledge, years of talented experience and of course his ever changing hair colour! So what does he love about being a part of Ngage Radio? ” You know when you feel a part of something really cool with great people, that’s how i feel in Ngage. I love how everybody helps each other and if you have any problems uncle Danny & SG are always there… LOS JEFES!”


Of course we couldnt finish our spotlight sunday without asking Gerai some quick fun questions

Favourite food? ” Sarmale (Romanian) and my home towns Adeje chicken with chips.”

Favourite TV show? ” Spanish show called 123.”

Favourite Funko Pop? ” Golden Girls.”

Favourite radio station? ” I  only listen to Ngage Radio!”

Don’t forget you can listen into DJ Lopez on Ngage Radio on your smart speakers, via our new app and see him live on Tiktok by following his page fat_disco_uk

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