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Welcome again to another edition of Spotlight Sunday

This week we bring to you, an interview with our very own DJ Henry Malo!

Henry broadcasts live from his home in Essex where he lives with his parents & brother. Celebrating his 15th birthday next week, Henry is one of our youngest DJ’s here at Ngage Radio and a valuable member of our team.

Henrys passion for wanting to become a DJ came from his Auntie. “My Auntie was a big DJ. She came around one day, bringing her decks with her. I asked her if I could have a go. I got started and I’ve never looked back!”

Henrys family love that Henry is following his passion and is broadcasting live on air. “They always listen to me when I’m on the radio. My manager at work says he’s happy he knows me and loves that im now on the radio”

So are we Henry!

Henry has brought some great shows to Ngage Radio. The Request Show, The Drive Time Show, The UK Top 40 show and now the fabulous Ngage Evening Show. Henry brings great show ideas and dedication to ngage radio. He works really hard and throws 110% into everything he does.

We love the music Henry plays on his shows but what type of music does he like to listen to and what does music mean to him?

” I love pop and dance music as well as EDM music as this type of music gets you up and dancing. Music is also like therapy. It makes me happy and it’s a vibe”

At the end of every Spotlight Sunday we love to throw some random quick fire fun questions out there but when we asked Henry what his favourite Movie was he said he cant watch films as he cant sit still. We chuckled at this as one of our Social Media Managers struggles with this as well so we find this relatable, but we thought this would be an opportunity for those that don’t already know, to talk about Henry having ADHD  & Autism.  Henry is very open about the difficulties he may face being Neurodivergent.

The challenges that can come from ADHD include inattentiveness, difficulty in remembering information and impulsiveness whilst Autism can effects how they experience the world including how they engage with others and sensory elements.  Henry like many other Neurodivergent people can face many difficulties like these but he never lets this stop him from reaching his goals or fulfilling his dreams.

Henrys Studio

We are super proud to have him as part of the Ngage Radio Team but how did Henry feel when he was given the opportunity to come and join the team?

“When I contacted Ngage Radio and they got back to me, I couldn’t believe it! I have always watched Danny Drayton in the studio on Tiktok when he does his live radio shows, and I just couldn’t believe it when I was told to drop a demo in!”

Henry spoke very highly of the team here at Ngage Radio.

“I love the whole Team. They are really supportive of one another. We play so many varieties of music and the listeners always interact with our live shows”

We do have an amazing dedicated community of listeners who tune in every day on their smart speakers and via our new app. They get involved by texting the studio as well as sharing and posting about us on social media. We get many people finding us on social media and enquiring about joining our team but what advice has Henry got for anybody that wants to join a radio station?

“If you are a DJ or a presenter and really want to get on radio just go for it. Contact a local station and send your demos in like I did. Don’t be shy just get straight into it. DONT HOLD BACK!”

When Henry isn’t attending school or behind the decks he loves working with animals as well as bike riding and swimming.

We know how busy Henry is so we really appreciated him letting us share with you a little bit more about him.

Of course we couldn’t finish without the quick fire fun questions!

If you had a superpower what would it be? “To cure all illnesses”

Favourite Food? “Got to be Chinese!”

Favourite Sport? “Swimming, does that count?”

Favourite Radio Station? “NGAGE RADIO!!”

If you want to watch DJ Henry LIVE in the studio when he broadcasts follow his Instagram HERE

Also don’t forget you can listen into DJ Henry and all our other DJ’s and presenters as well as check our schedules, message the studio and even request tracks via our new app!

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