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DJ Reece Hall is our youngest DJ here at Ngage Radio. He brings great drive and enthusiasm to the team here but we wanted to know a little bit more about our youngest DJ so we sat down with him and put him under our spotlight!

We asked Reece,  when did he first discover his passion for music and realise he wanted to become a DJ?

“Music has always been a passion for me my entire life in many different ways, music is like therapy. I discovered DJing when i was 7 and i got my first ever decks and played about on them.”

Even though Reece is our youngest DJ he comes with an awful lot of knowledge and confidence in what he does! We asked him what is the best thing about being a young DJ and the youngest here at Ngage Radio?

“The best thing has to be discovering a lot more genres of music, its more music for me to enjoy and appreciate. DJing at Ngage Radio has helped me because i have been able to link up with more and more DJ’s which can then advance me, radio and DJing wise. I can talk to DJ’s with a lot of experience who can give me lots of knowledgeable advice”

Whether it be The Drive Time Show, Club Classics Show or the Ngage Weekender, DJ Reece plays all sorts of music but we wanted to know what his favourite type of music was.

“My favourite genre is Dance/EDM as its so upbeat. I knew as soon as i joined Ngage radio i wanted a late slot on a weekend to be able to play that music as i enjoy it so much and the listeners would too.”

Reece’s Studio

We recognise Reece’s passion for DJing and how talented he is for his age so we asked Reece what advice would he give to someone else his age if they were thinking of following their dreams of becoming  a DJ?

“I’d tell anyone who is thinking of becoming a dj, don’t think you have to get things all at once. You will get more things further down the line so for the time being just get what you can get with your budget. Start off with a pair of decks, headphones, the basics.”

Like anybody in their career its always good to have a good support network around you. Reece told us how much his support network means to him!

“The support i have is amazing! i have my friends, family and of course the Ngage Radio Team as well as our amazing listeners!”

When DJ Reece isn’t broadcasting around the world on Ngage Radio we wanted to know what else he does in his spare time.

“At the minute i am doing the acting side of theatre and slowly learning how to become a theatre technician. I also like to play snooker!

Of course we needed to finish off our spotlight chat with Reece with some quick fire questions!


Pets? “Barney my dog”

Favourite food? “Spaghetti Bolognese”

Favourite Subject? “of course, music!”


And the most important question of all!

What is your favourite radio station? “NGAGE RADIO!!!”

Thank you to Reece for taking time out to chat with us and let us share with you a little bit more about our youngest DJ!

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