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After 22 years together former band musician Noel Gallagher has announced he and his wife will be getting a divorce after 22 years together as he moves out of their £8m home.

Noel released a statement yesterday confirming the split saying their  children ‘remain a  priority’

Noel and Sara married in 2011 after meeting way back in 2000 whilst the former guitarist was married to Meg Matthews who he then went on to divorce in 2001.

It was reported after his split with Meg that he and Sara were having an affair during his relationship with her, but Noel and Sara strongly denied this claim when Noel released a statement in 2001 which he said he left Meg because ‘he could no longer tolerate her behaviour’

A spokesperson for them both said ‘Noel and Sara will together continue to look after their children who remain their priority’

Noel and Sara have two children together, Donovan and Sonny as well as Noel being father to Anais Gallagher who he shares with Meg Matthews.

Fans are now speculating if an Oasis reunion could happen and whether the brothers feud could heal after Liam Gallagher previously claimed Sara was the one stopping them reunite?

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